Summary Of Susie's Tale: A Narrative Fiction

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Once upon a time there was a fair maiden named Susie. She lived a happy life, trusting of any creature that she met. She was especially fond of knights because she 'd her brother, Jack, was a knight. She met some knights through her brother and they all had treated her chivalrously which made her think very well of them. So much so that she 'd fallen in love with one her brothers fellow knight. The knight she 'd fallen for was named Barrack, and they 'd been dating for a while. They usually spoke after Barrack was done with his missions and he would pick her up while she walked by the village. One day as she was walking down the street, she noticed a horse trotting near her. She figured it was Barrack and decided not to look and act surprised when he stops by to pick her up. Finally the horse stops next to her, she looks over smiling when she suddenly realizes that that 's not Barrack, but rather another knight she 'd never seen before. Startled by him she asked who he was, but he doesn 't answer. In a split second he hops out the horse and pushes her to the ground. Now she 's freaking out, thinking that she 's being mistaken for a criminal or something.…show more content…
When it was finally over, the knight rode off on his horse. Devastated by this, Susie could only think of getting home and cleansing herself from the tragedy that had just occurred. She eventually found herself home past curfew, her father was waiting for her. As soon as he saw her he quickly ran to her aid. That 's when she told her father what had happened, her father quickly contacted his son who was a knight to see if Susie could describe the attacker. As soon as she described the knight who raped her, her brother knew exactly who it was. The next morning Jack went off to tell the king of this horrible crime. The King immediately ordered his guards to bring him to court. While the knight who raped her was getting brought over to court, the King decided that he should let his wife decide the
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