Summary Of Sut Jhally's Dreamworlds 3

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Sut Jhally’s documentary Dreamworlds 3 focuses primarily on the concept of heterosexual relations in music videos, but how do things change, or stay the same, when applied to a homosexual music video? By analyzing the music video titled “Lost on You” by female artist LP, it is apparent that Sut Jhally’s themes techniques of storytelling and constructing femininity hold ground even in homosexual music videos. The visuals, meaning the people and setting, as well as the roles being played lead to the conclusion that masculine and feminine stereotypes persist no matter how different media might be. The main theme being utilized is Jhally’s techniques of storytelling. This theme’s main point is the story of relation that gets told about men and women. The constant narrative in music videos, such as Justin Timberlake’s music video which tells the story of a scorned ex-lover becoming a stalker, shows that there are certain roles that males and females take on that represent the relation and interaction of the two genders (Jhally). Men get placed into positions of power which gives the impression that they are the dominant of the two genders. In contrast women are typically made vulnerable in a number of ways, whether it be in their style of dress or display of strength, and this makes them submissive. The power relation that gets told in these music videos is important because of its intersectionality and the fact that it can be applied to other media, as well as real life. This

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