Summary Of Taccad Cammayo's People Of Consequence

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I have known once a smart rich man who has started from rugs; he had sleepless nights and hard days until he became such great man many adored. At the very moment of victory, he loses his time, his life and his happiness. Now, the critic is asking you, is there true happiness in wealth and high rank in the society? Can someone so great in one’s career and dream fall so bad in life? Ines Taccad Cammayo’s piece entitled People of Consequence reflects the people’s determination and hard work to attain the high position in the society. Cammayo’s works have been published by different known publication like the Philippines Free Press, Asia-Philippines Leader and more. Her work “People of Consequence” won First prize for Don Carlos Palanca Memorial…show more content…
This paper will deal mostly on the analysis of the text’s characters, its setting and its conflict which lead to how the story and each character reacted in every situation encountered. In the People of Consequence, Cammayo determines that striving hard is necessary but striving too much to be accepted in a high social status can sometimes lead to unhappiness and less appreciation of the simple things around. The main theme of the story is enjoying and valuing every moment of living and to never forget the simple things. In the text, both Meding and Camus became people of consequence or people of value and significance in the society. From just being a houseboy for a German landlord and a maid for the town mayor’s family, they rise up and become powerful. Camus worked so hard not only as a chicken raiser, to going into fishing, truly a determined and smart in what he does. Meding, Camus’ wife does crochets, peddles carabao milk, occasional fruits from the backyard, her hard work is twice as much as the effort of Camus. These actions show how much they value their work, how much want to be in the social status they want to be that they fail to see how much they have changed and how they have disregarded the things around worth appreciating.
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