Summary Of Tamarind Mem By Anita Rau Badami

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Anita Rau Badami is one of the Contemporary Writer in Modern Indian Diasporic Writing in English living in Canada. With a sturdy voice of Modern Indian Diaspora, Badami has engraved a unique position among other writers in the field of Indian Diaspora. This article is attempts to explore about the mother-daughter relationship and to study the characters in Anita Rau Badami’s Tamarind Mem. As a woman writer, Badami mainly portrays about the Mother-Daughter relationship and their different perspectives that adds more richness to her novel. Through analysis of the women characters, Badami brings out how mother and daughter struggle to maintain their relationship amidst the problems like misunderstanding, loneliness, lack of love and adjustment. By pointing out these problems, Badami emphasizes the importance of love and the human values of dignity, balanced attitude in life and the need for understanding life with all its ups and downs. It is from the clear vision of Kamini and Saroja 's narration in Tamarind Mem, Badami reveals the relationship with their mothers in a different understanding approach that took a unique problem in their own life. In India, most of the people are mainly give importance to their children, especially the girl child who always surrendered with more protection from childhood to adulthood either she gets that from her parents or her husband. The girl child is the one can understand and adjust everything and act according to the family situation were
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