Summary Of Tannen's Criticism In Praise

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1. In chapter 8, Tannen mentions the communication differences between men and women that there are many communication styles of them, which is totally different between men and women even though if they grow up in the same place. They have such different outlooks on the world and a different idea of how to go about talking things out. Women often feel that their partner should be able to know what the woman wants without her saying, and men feel that the woman should be able to say exactly what it is they want, as women always look at the metamessages of conversation, but men just look at the messages. Additionally, during talking, women often feel that since men are more quitethe common stereotypes of American men when their partner is speaking whether or not he is hearing everything she is saying, it means that they are not listening, and men feel that since women make listening noises, women are impatient and not genuinely interested in what they are saying. Thus, the different styles create regularly…show more content…
This is a way of using praised someone else to criticize the person who you’re talking to as comparison. This criticism might use to quite nag and encourage people. On the other hand, it would hurt the feeling of people who were uttered by metamessages, and the third person who was compared with was resented without knowing. All children know exactly what criticism in praise is because the most parents always use this way to raise the children and stimulate them to improve themselves whether parents want to blame the children or not. For the best example, my friend’s parents always praise other children who got the better grades while they were having a dinner even though my friend got good grades in some classes (sometimes it was better than me), but it didn’t seem enough for them. That criticism made my friend

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