Summary Of Ted Cruz's Speech At Liberty University

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During the analysis of Ted Cruz’s speech at Liberty University, the campaign committee used strategic setting, illustrated the American Dream and appealed to Christian values to successfully influence their audience to follow Ted Cruz in his run for president. On March 23, 2015, Senator Ted Cruz kicked off his Presidential Campaign in Virginia at Liberty University, where its socially conservative student body became a political powerhouse. According to Ken Cuccinelli, president of the Senate Conservatives Fund and former Virginia attorney general, Liberty has become a powerful organizing center for conservative activists; Liberty produces thousands of graduates who volunteer and vote for conservative causes. Cruz’s speech focused on the American Dream and the agenda of the Republican right, as he described his campaign as a movement of “courageous conservatives.”
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Beginning his speech with stories from his own family – his father, a Cuban immigrant who worked his way to success; his mother, the first to attend college in her family and a software innovator in a time when women were discouraged from career aspirations; his wife, a successful businesswoman; and his own struggles to work and pay his way through college – Cruz illustrates the American Dream. “These are all of our stories,” Cruz said. “These are who we are as Americans and yet, for so many Americans the promise of America seems more and more distant.” Cruz explained the pillars of his platform, promising to repeal Obamacare and Common Core, to seek immigration and tax reform, to stand with Israel, and to defend the unborn, gun rights, privacy, the Constitution, and religious freedom for all Americans. Though America seems to be slipping from its foundation of faith and virtue, he believes in the American people and their ability when joined together to overcome any
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