Summary Of Teenage Wastelands

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The teenage years of a person’s life are one of the most stressful times to live in. In “Teenage Wastelands” by Anne Taylor, it explains how a boy named Donny Coble, faced the stresses of a teenage life through his family and school. For example, Donny has had many troubles at his private school. More than one occasion has Donny’s mother, Daisy, and Donny’s father, Matt, had to come into the school to speak with the principal, Mr. Lanham, regarding Donny. Mr. Lanham explained how Donny was very noisy and disruptive in school, was always fooling around with his friends, and never responded to a teacher. From Mr. Lanham’s suggestion, Daisy started to check Donny’s homework assignments every night. Donny’s grades then rose to average grades but, the school called again in December to explain how Donny had been cutting classes, breaking into a student’s locker, and drinking. After hearing this, Daisy and Matt arranged for Donny to visit a tutor. The tutor was able to help with Donny’s behavior, however, not his grades. His grades then plummeted back down to almost failing grades. Later in April, Donny got expelled from his school after the principal found beer and cigarettes in his locker. Furthermore, in June, Donny ran away from home. Therefore, the person who would be most to blame for Donny’s failures would be Daisy because she was worried about Donny’s problems too much and never listened to Donny. In the story, Daisy viewed every problem in a very protective way that she was unable to look at the problem in a calmer way. For instance, when Daisy and Matt went to the principal’s office…show more content…
Donny felt like his voice wasn’t being heard and thought the best thing to do was to run away so finally, he can receive the attention he wants. A teenager can have a very stressful life, but if they take full responsibility for their actions, they will
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