Character Of Telemachus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Homer's The Odyssey talks about the journey of the mighty Odysseus and how he reunites with his family. However, the story is not based only on Odysseus. Other major characters play a huge role. Telemachus, even though he is not the main character, has an interesting development and background story. In the beginning of The Odyssey, in the Telemachy, Telemachus is weak, and naive. The suitors bullied him around and he was too scared to do anything about it. However, it is at the end of the book that he shows his manhood. He was a weak boy when the story starts. By the end of the book, however, Telemachus, with the help of Athena, becomes the leader he is destined to be: fighting alongside Odysseus as an equal, killing the suitors. In the beginning of the book, Telemachus is an innocent child. He is not brave enough to…show more content…
Telemachus commanded Penelope to "go back to your quarter. Tend to your tasks" (Homer 435). He became the man of the household then. In the beginning of the book, Penelope is the one who holds the suitors back, she is the one who keeps the suitors at bay. Now, Telemachus does not need her to do that anymore, he talks and mocks the suitors himself. Moreover, Telemachus fought the suitors with Odysseus; "Telemachus -too quick- stabbed the man from behind" (Homer 442). He fought alongside Odysseus, and he does not treat Telemachus like a child anymore, Odysseus treats Telemachus as his equal in battle. When Telemachus fought with Odysseus he takes the blame even though it is not his fault when the suitors got the weapons from the storeroom. He apologized: "My fault, father,' the cool clear prince replied," (Homer 444). Responsibility is shown when one takes the blame of others when necessary and Telemachus shows it clearly.Telemachus definitely matured by the end of the book as he shows responsibility and
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