Summary Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Readers

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In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers” by Kavitha Rao, she express her opinion on the topic that the current generation is not reading for fun. She mentions several experience she had with other people, that don 't see the benefit in reading for fun. She says that since people aren 't reading more leisure anymore they 're becoming less creative, inarticulate, have poor communication skills and low confidence, which is caused by parents forcing their kids to read, and the education system need to have students memorize textbooks and nothing else. After reading this article I find myself disagreeing with Rao on several points she made, I don’t believe the modern attitude towards reading is causing people to be self absorbed and unimaginative, she also claims that book clubs don 't encourage reading for fun, parents are forcing their children to read boring books which turned them away from reading and that the educational system is to blame for college students for being inarticulate.
In the very first paragraph Rao mentions a the conversations she had with two different people, the first person say “I never read fiction” and “After what 's the point of a book if it doesn 't teach you anything.” Another person says “Fiction is not real, no?” and adds “I only like to read real stories to improve myself.” She states that many young people don 't see the benefit in read unless its to help improve themselves, or to ace a job interview.
According to Rao the “modern attitude
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