Summary Of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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When people move from one place to another, they often have to start a new life. They end up cutting ties with people that they knew to build their new life. Occasionally though, people find a way to maintain a balance between both the new and old lives. In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, the main character, Arnold “Junior” Spirit, switched schools and becomes part of 2 different worlds. The second Reardan basketball game against Wellpinit represents the conflict in Junior’s life between his old life and his new life.
When Junior gets assigned to guard Rowdy in the basketball game he is nervous because they haven’t talked since Junior decided to leave the Reservation and completely changed. In the rematch against Wellpinit, Junior is nervous because he is facing the team that he used to be a part of. When Junior finally encounters Rowdy for the first time he says:“‘I'm guarding you,’ I said.
‘I'm guarding you tonight.’
‘You can't stop me. I've been kicking your ass for fourteen years.’
‘Not tonight,’ I said. ‘Tonight's my night.’ Rowdy just laughed.”(191). When Junior went to school on the Reservation he …show more content…

In the beginning of the game, Rowdy gets the ball and rushes towards his team’s hoop only to have his dunk blocked by Junior. “I TOOK THE BALL RIGHT OUT OF HIS HANDS! … I was still able to reach out and steal the ball from Rowdy”(192) When Junior blocks Rowdy’s shot it represents a role reversal between Junior and Rowdy. By flipping their “normal” characteristics Alexie shows how they have each adapted to their new lives, separate from each other. When Junior says “I was still able” it shows his personal amazement by what he can now do. He is impressed with his own capabilities because they are a part of the new him that he is still

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