Summary Of The Absolutely True Diary Of Part Time Indian

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Indians have been living in misery for centuries now, in reservations drowned in problems like alcoholism, drugs, and illiteracy. The white government has made inumerous attempts to try to assimilate them into the US mainstream population. The effects felt by the Indian reservations due to the negative consequences of white actions are unimaginably devastating. Native Americans have to rely on the government in order to survive, and sometimes that 's still not enough. Their lives have been shaped by the government so much that the effects of the past actions made by the whites have become substantially irreversible, forcing the Native American population to suffer and make sacrificing choices in order to live in the present world. Moreover, Sherman Alexie, a fellow Native American and author of the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, is able to show through his depiction of Indian societies not only the problems being faced by Indians nowadays, but problems being faced through the eyes of a teenage boy. The novel has its main character, Arnold Spirit, suffering through poverty and the already stated problems in his reservation, the Wellpinit reservation, and feels the obligation of making a change regarding his own life. He leaves his reservation to try to gain success, opportunities, and hope, only to encounter even more problems ahead of him. With that in mind, it becomes evident that the social, economic, and cultural problems Arnold and his reservation

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