Summary Of The Age Of Ambition By Evan Osnos

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by a Marxist-Leninist party which wanted to ban the word “luxury” in the advertisements. The gap in income and life expectancy between the rich and poor provinces is enormously huge. China has the two biggest Internet companies and more people online than the US and at the same time it spends most on censorship and curbing the freedom of expression. The author argues that individual became a major force in political, social, and economic life: the age of ambition took shape. China is the larger consumer of energy, movies, beer; it is building more high-speed roads, airports than the rest of the world combined. The country’s boom marked the age of fortune and produced a vast wealth and the highest number of billionaires. The Chinese success is one the most striking in the human history. The nation has achieved longer, wealthier, healthier, and more educated lives by almost every measure. Evan Osnos suggests that although Chinese people consider themselves more cautious than Americans, psychologically they are willing to take higher risks with their investments. Moreover, while in the most developing countries level of education of parents determine the income of children, in China connections of parents are the most decisive factor which impedes social mobility in the country. • Importance and contribution of the book to general literature. In his book Age of Ambition Evan Osnos looked at today’s China from a very different prospective. Through the investigation of life

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