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“Artic Lights Artic Nights” is about the changes in weather as the sun comes closer and moves away from Earth. The book goes over each month of the year and talks about the amount of daylight and darkness they receive in that part of the Earth. As it goes over the months it passes the solstices and equinoxes and gives a brief explanation of what seasons we are going to fall into next. The distance of the sun is discussed in a manner the children are able to understand by saying “the world tilts towards the sun”, which can be understood by many. They included different animals for each month and how that animal adapts to that particular season. The book also discusses some norms for some animals like hibernating and being old enough to go off…show more content…
How Heat Affects Things
Start off by asking the students what they know about the sun affecting us. Then after discussing the sun and reading a book about heat give each student a bag with chocolate in it. Go outside and have the students with the bags labeled shade to place their bags in the shade and the bags labeled sun in the sunlight. Leave the bags for 10 minutes as the students play outside. Then move back inside and have a student with a shade labeled bag and a sun labeled bag to partner. Have them observe the two chocolates and share the differences between the two with the whole class.
Overall the book is very helpful for young students to understand the seasons changing throughout the year. The book has a lot of information for the students to grasp. It is very beneficial for young students to understand how the sun effects Earth. The book is good at giving a quick explanation of where the sun is located during the different seasonal changes. However, I feel it could have given a longer explanation of how the sun’s intensity changes the seasons. Some more of its strengths was going over time changes as we were approaching the colder months we were getting less day time and gaining more darkness. The book helps students understand that as it gets colder or warmer the sunset is changing and they included that by telling us we gain about 7 minutes of daylight every night during the

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