Summary Of The American Health Care Paradox

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Summary of “The American Healthcare Paradox” “The American Health Care Paradox” focuses on health care and how the United States is suffering compared to their peer countries. The United States has spent billions of dollars in health care and the problem is still growing. The government is responsible for not following or ignoring the issue that we suffered with, in today’s society the healthcare system is failing drastically. The health care system has been a problem for several decades now, even though it seems that things are getting better it’s not. According to the book, it talks about the United States spent millions of dollars and still rank the lowest throughout the country. The reason being that we are so behind compared to other countries …show more content…

There are several things that can be taking into consideration such as social services or social supports. The United States spend more on medical cost than any industrialized country, which is causing problems. If an individual can become healthier, then it’s possible that the healthcare could see changes within the paradox. One issue that America faces is the health care system and how we spend more on medical treatment than saving less. Things that should be address is why are spending so much in health care, than other countries? The life expectancy rate in another country has decreased compared to the United States because of different methods that use such as, social support and social services. The welfare of an individual is important, but we’re constantly spending more on health care due to fact, individuals can’t afford health insurance. This issue has been a problem for decades now and it appears to be that America is ignoring the fact, which something drastically needs to change, in order to get better results. In this book review, I will discuss the differences between social supports and social services, how America health care system is different from other countries and what kind of changes should be made in order to have a much and improved health care …show more content…

We rather pay a much higher cost in medical treatment, then spending few extra dollars on social services. Things would be a lot different and if we wouldn’t have to spend some more on treatments, hospital visits, testing and many other things. Other countries rather spend just a few extra dollar to see an increase with life expectancy. If we could change our method of spending more in health care, we should see improvement. First, we should try a different approach, which should be focusing on social services to see any changes. I don’t think that we should be stuck on one method, which hasn’t gotten us anywhere, but further in debt and higher life expectancy rates. The best solution for this problem is trying every reasonable method until something

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