Summary Of The Archetype Hero In The Movie Moana

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Imagine that everyone abandoned and no one liked you, think about that no one cared for you or talked to you. Wouldn 't you want people people to talk to you, or love you. That’s what Moui felted like in the movie “Moana.” Moui was a mortal like us, but his parents abandoned him and left him. Then the gods took care of him then abandoned him too. Moui had nobody to love him or talk to. He wanted to do something to amazed man and make them love him and worship him. In the film, “Moana,” the story teller use the archetype Hero to reveal how we as humans take the risk of saving others because we want to be loved and worship by others. In the film “Moana,” The demigod Maui states that no one loved him and once the gods adopted him and abandon him. He felt lonely and sad so of course he wanted to be worship and loved by people,…show more content…
Moui becomes a hero so people will look up to him and worship him. After moui was abandoned twice by different parents moui felt lonely and wanted to be loved by others and recognize by the people. Moui did things for people so they could live and do things on earth such as pulling out islands from the and and making wind. In the beginning of Moana, Maui told mona that he took all of the things such as islands, wind, sun, and ect. For people. He also made a song about all of the things he did for man and he tells them “you 're welcome” for pulling out islands from the sea and other things. He was making it clear that he was the hero to everyone. In the film moui song states “What can I say except "You 're welcome", For the tides, the sun, the sky. Hey, it 's okay, it 's okay, you 're welcome, I 'm just an ordinary demi-guy!”

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