Summary Of The Argument Therapeutic Occupational Therapy

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In order to conduct an efficient therapeutic occupational therapy session, the OT have to consider the manners of the culture in relation to the client. If the OT does not express a basic understanding of the client’s culture, a problem related to disrespect towards the client and client’s family ,which can negatively affect the progression of the client can be perceived. Included in the thought process of cultural considerations, the OT should be aware of the client’s religion because most individuals attitude and values are directly influenced by their religion. Some cultures shows respect by kissing the hand, bowing in the moment of welcoming, and to not look in each other 's eyes when communicating as a sign of respect ,which needs to be considered when working with a client’s family for the sessions to proceed effectively. In some cases, the client’s parents may have a set routine for eating as a family to help the cohesiveness of the family, as a solution, the OT should deeply consider to adjust the schedule to allow the client the best opportunity to succeed in the action of progressing. A dominant decision maker definitely need to be seeked primarily to be educated for the sake of the client’s health because they will be making the decisions when the OT is and not in the presence of the
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