Rhapsody In The Rain Analysis

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In this story, the narrator is recollecting about the blind man who visited his home for a short period of time. The visitor is previously unknown to the author, and only becomes known through the narrator’s wife. He was just an acquaintance whom she worked with almost ten years ago in the city of Seattle. Before she and Robert said goodbye ten years before, Robert ask to read her face with his fingers and that was a life altering experience from the narrator’s wife, but narrator has no understanding how this could be of any significance. However, after they got married, her old friend still remained in touch from past ten years. He closely witnesses the situation, and notices his wife’s reaction towards him. At long last, the author meets…show more content…
Then comes the stage after the dinner where his wife had gone upstairs to fall asleep. The narrator thought that his wife was asleep and he was all alone with the man, he asked Robert, whether he would smoke cannabis and rolled two flats. He lit one and passed it to Robert, while Robert respond that he was trying that stuff for the first time. Next, after having couple of drinks,narrator turns on the television. The narrator start getting bored and started switching the channels as he was not able to find the channel of his choice and after some time returned back to the first channel for which he apologized to the blind man. The narrator was just noticing the fact of how that blind man would reached to the things happening in the television. The narrator was impressed by seeing the skills of the blind man, about learning and understanding the things. The TV was showing a cathedral show. The blind man was quite excited to know about the cathedral, So he finally made up his question about knowing the cathedral to the narrator. To his simple quarries the narrator had no idea on how he would explain the cathedral to the blind man. He was left with no answer. At last he replied the cathedral to be tall, roof structured with made up of stone and the picture of devil and ladies beings sculptured in it. Robert suggest that the narrator get a pencil and paper.
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