Summary Of The Book 'Bud Not Buddy' By Christopher Paul Curtis

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What if your mother passed away and left behind a suitcase filled with lots of clues from your missing father. In the book called, “Bud Not Buddy,” was published on November 13, 2001. According to background information about this book, it is about a ten year old homeless run away orphanage boy who goes on a quest to find this man named Herman E. Calloway who he believes is his father. The little boy go through a lot of events which is center around a big historical period known as the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a rough and hard time for many African Americans. The author who wrote the book’s name is Christopher Paul Curtis. Christopher Paul Curtis grew up in Flint Michigan and is known as a full time writer. The book is a 2000…show more content…
In the Nelson Daniel article called, “Origins of the Sit-Down Era,” it describe the sit-down strike as a decisive phase in the turbulent years of labor” (198). I think that the sit-down strike was a time in which a lot of workers were demanding justice by wanting their union and they were not taking no for an answer. For example, in the book it states that “the people who are on strike just sit down on their job”/ “that way the bosses can’t bring other people in to steal their jobs”/ “they’re going to sit until the company gives them a union” (86). I think that illustration sends a critical message to its readers such as little children. I think that if a little child reads this particularly illustration he or she will get the message that if you want something in life you must stand up for what you want. The illustration to me addressed the need of inequality because the workers wanted a union in which their bosses were not in favor of their union. Overall, the illustration covey a massive message because it addresses an era in which a lot of labor workers were in favor of during a time in the Great
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