Summary Of The Book Holes By Louis Sachar

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Bookreview Engels inleveren magister Fernao Wouters H4E ENE Boek: Holes – Louis Sachar Review Summary: The writer of the article writes that this book is as deep as the title. Every person will be pulled into the book. The book goes from the present to the past and back. The book is a mix of realism and legend and has elements of mystery in it. Louis Sachar puts humor in the book were people really have to think about. Their are a lot of little jokes in the book. The song from the family is also a good feature says the writer. The writer also says that nothing is what you think it is in this book. Holes is a puzzle that readers want to solve. On the end the writer tells that the book is for boys and girls. Opinion: I agree with the reviewer. It is a very deep book and it can be hard to understand because the spiral between past and present can be difficult. There are jokes in the book and nothing is what it looks like. Words: 167 Fragment 1: Page: 13 – 14 -15 I think that fragment one is very important for the story because it explains what is going to happen in camp Green lake. Mr. Sir is explaining what is going to happen and what Stanley must do. Almost 3 quarters of the book go about digging holes. And what is happening in the camp. In the middle of the fragment, Mr. Sir starts talking about running away. He explains that you can’t survive when you run away. But later in the book Stanley does run away and survives it. He also says that he won’t shoot him. These are
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