Summary Of The Book 'Mojo Magic'

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book is about the struggles of a town in southern Texas as they go through the boom and bust cycle of oil prices. Their town is struggling with segregation and racial issues which shaped a lot of the events of the books. A central idea of “Mojo Magic” exists in the book as a kind of exaggeration of football which brings the town together. There is no magic, for it is just the effects it has on the town and its people. Bissinger is the author, and the examples will encompass many characters he writes about. Firstly, the quote that starts off the book and sets the setting for the story goes, “Odessa is the setting for this book, but it could be any place in this vast land where, on a Friday night, a set of spindly stadium lights rises to the heavens to so powerfully, and so briefly, ignite the darkness” (Bissinger 16). This starts the book right off as a bit of a guide for other schools and predicts them well. Everyone can imagine a high school no matter the socioeconomic status where people are depressed about their situation and are looking for something to cling onto as they barely survive monetarily. Some people look more into academics or go into more negative things like drugs. However, for Odessa in southern Texas the way for a person to escape and make themselves more comfortable about their situation is through football. That is all the “Mojo Magic” is; a way for a struggling town to gain hope during hard times and…show more content…
Unfortunately, the players are given so many things and are treated like kings until everyone else starts to go off to college and develop while they stick to the delusion that they are going to go to college off of a sport, and that’s if they don’t get injured while trying. It is enjoyment by the many at the expense of the
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