Summary Of The Book 'Norma' By Sonia Sanchez

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In the book “Norma” by Sonia Sanchez is about two teenage girls named Norma and Sonia. Sonia attends George Washington Highschool. She is a character who is really shy and really works hard. She is regular student who has to work hard to understand what is happening in school or what she is learning. She mentions that her and her sister have to study nightly. At the beginning of the story Sonia is in math class. She is thinking to herself that she doesn’t quite understand the math. She describes the class around her as “the people” and refers to herself as a “pipsqueak”. There was sound from the back who were “the People” who sat in the back and talked, ate, and actually paid attention when they only wanted to. “The People’ were yelling at Mr. Castor, so he told Norma to teach sonia. Norma is so smart that she explained the math problem in a easy way to Sonia. Now sonia can do homework and then she won’t be yelled at by her father for not learning the math problems. Norma was a mathematical genius who was the only one that would talk to the Pip squeaks sitting in front of the class. She would go over and talk to them about the south, she is from…show more content…
Sonia tells us that George Washington high school is difficult and that the teacher did not prepare them for high school. Then there was a shocking news at their school that Norma was pregnant and got dismissed from school. Sonia almost have forgotten the Mathematical genius Norma. Then later on Sonia met with Norma with her four children, they talked about how Sonia got into Hunter college and Sonia wished if Norma could’ve got into Hunter college. Then she saw her again with her four beautiful girls, Norma took drugs at that time. But Norma knew that her four beautiful girls will make it and won’t be like their mother. Both of them agreed to it and also agreed to meet again sometime, then Sonia never to agree

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