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The book, The Book of Isaias: A Child of Hispanic Immigrants Seeks His Own America, by Daniel Connolly, tells a powerful story about Isaias Ramos, who is the son of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Daniel Connolly spent five years reporting and writing about Isaias Ramos and his friends. Isaias is a bright 18-year-old high school senior who enjoys playing in a punk rock group called Los Psychosis and dreams of attending college and majoring in audio recording. He struggles with the decision to apply to Ivy leagues or work with his parents as a painter. His counselor recognizes his potential to go to postsecondary school, as he is ranked sixth in his class and scored a 29 on the ACT. At the same time, the school struggled to provide the resources…show more content…
In the microsystem layer, I was able to see how his family had a huge impact on him. His parents loved him and wanted the best for him. They worked very hard as painters and Isaias was able to understand that his parents came crossed the Arizona desert to give him a better future. In the mesosytem layer the school guidance counselor, helped Isaias realize how bright he was. His counselor recommended that he apply to Harvard, one of the best schools in the nation. Another person who impacted him in this layer was the African American man who he met at the vocational house. The man told Isaias to apply to Middle State Tennessee University. This man helped Isaias realize that he could go to college and that he should research different scholarship opportunities. In the exosystem layer, Tennessee’s decision to end programs that help illegal immigrants drive impacted Isaias. He drove a car without a license because he could no longer drive with a driving certificate. Every time he drove his car, he ran the risk of being stopped by a police officer and getting arrested. In the Macrosystem layer, the 1968 law called the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), had created challenges for any illegal Mexican who had successfully crossed the border into America. The law expanded the border patrol and sought to punish employers who hired unauthorized immigrants. Isaias could not get a good job, because he was considered an unauthorized immigrant. Even though he applied to the DACA program, he and his family were still considered illegal immigrants. In the Chronosystem layer, the area surrounding his school had changed from a white middle-class community to a low-income Hispanic community. Many students who attended Kingsbury High School spoke only Spanish, and those who were white left the area. This change over time, limited
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