Summary Of The Book Pigman '

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Hunter Hitchens
Mrs. Atkin
5 March 16 I recently read the book Pigman. Paul Zindel created an interesting plot with the sophomores Lorraine and John. Them and their friends are prank calling people and trying to stay on the phone as long as they can. John gets Mr.Pignati on the phone who is willing to “donate” to John and Lorraine’s charity but requests to meet them. This poses a problem because John doesn 't want Mr. Pignati to find out he is a fake. Once they meet up with Mr. Pignati they sit down and talk about their charity. After that Mr. Pignati offers them a hefty sum of a check that John gladly takes but, Lorraine doesn’t feel right about taking the money. John and Lorraine start to make friends with the Mr. Pignati and going
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