Summary Of The Book 'The Dog Stars'

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Do you ever think about the destruction of America? How do you feel when you are the only one survivor in the apocalypse? It is exactly what happen in the book The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. The main character of the book, Big Hig, loses his wife and friends during the flu pandemic. The flu is so bad that a wife asks her husband to kill her by pillow. After the flu took most of people, every aspects of the life have been changed; the survivors in the book live a totally different life as the past. Hig lives in the hangar of an airport with his dog, Jasper, and Bangley. They live in the condition where should be always careful of people that they do not know or do not live with and where everyone is hostile to another. Everyday lives are an endless suffering and hardship. They should always worry about day to day survivor and intruders who is coming randomly and unexpectedly.
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One example is the time when Bangley shoots a young girl, a scarecrow. She chases Hig across the plain. Bangley shoots her at sight rather than asks her to help or what is wrong with her. After that they talks about her that maybe she wants a food or maybe she will slits their throats in the middle of the night. It is not make sense that Bangley kills her with no reasons and that she doesn’t directly threaten him. The other example is when Bangley forces to shoot two of the Mennonites who come too close to him. He also wants to have incendiary to kill them. The reason that he does not know them makes Bangley to shoot and kill them. Another example is in the Coke trailer. Hig kills the people who tries to find some foods and drinks in the trailer because he needs foods and drinks too. It happens because the everyday life in apocalypse world is day to day

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