Summary Of The Book 'The Outsiders'

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The Outsiders by DOMINIK O’NEAL In the book “The Outsiders”, Ponyboy goes through a lot. From being sick to watching people die. Ponyboy is a Greaser but he isn’t like the rest of the Greasers. He would rather watch a movie or read a book than go to a rumble like the rest of the Greasers. After what Ponyboy goes thru in this book, you shouldn’t be surprised if he has changed later as a person. At the beginning of the book, Ponyboy is scared of the Socs but near the end, he ends up threatening two of them with a broken soda bottle. His buddy Two-bit noticed this and was scared and told Ponyboy he does not want him to end up like Dally. Ponyboy in this novel The outsiders by S.E. Hinton is confused because he doesn’t really understand
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