Summary Of The Book The Unlikely Hero's Room 13B

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Adam always wants to help people in any way he can. He often gives out advice to his friends in the support group. He was skeptical when the entire group decided to come to church with him, but once everybody announced their joy at going, he continued their little field trips. He also suggests to Green Lantern and Thor to watch how much medication they take as it might affect their behaviour.
Adam always feels the need to be a protector. In the book, he has multiple urges to make Robyn feel safe. Even with his friends, he deemed himself as their protector, “So he always kept watch and guarded, keeping everybody safe. That was his job.” Even Robyn states that “you just have to save the world, don’t you.”
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In The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by Teresa Toten, Adam must claim his one true love and deal with his disorder all while coping with a deteriorating family. Robyn makes Adam race to fix and present himself to her. To start, Robyn became his friend. Everyday after group sessions, they would go to the cemetery together and pay their respects to Robyn’s mother. Everyday they would talk and get to know each other. Later on, they would even talk on the phone. Adam doesn’t seem to have any friends. He doesn’t talk to anybody at school and at group, he thinks that everybody there is crazier than him. His only real friend is Ben Stones and Wendell, his brother. It’s only later on that he accepts all of his group members as his friends, even Wolverine, his rival for Robyn. Second, Robyn supports Adam in his struggle to get better. They talk to each other about their affliction and Adam confesses to Robyn about the letters his mother has been receiving. Robyn helps him search for help on the internet and strongly encourages Adam to tell Chuck. Even though Adam felt bad about disclosing this information to the group, Chuck called it a “big step” and Adam felt that “he was right. It was like a high-pressure front blew in and swallowed up everything that was thick and heavy.” Lastly, Robyn is the main source of motivation for Adam to cure his ailment. Adam wants to get better for Robyn. From the moment he laid eyes on her, Adam has been working hard to make himself better. The basis of this story is that Adam wants to get better and marry Robyn. He starts doing his weekly lists, he stops tapping and even restrains himself from counting. Adam strived to be the Batman to Robyn’s

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