Summary Of The Book The Watsons: Clark, Poindexter

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We all know Byron and Kenny are dynamic characters and have changed a lot throughout the book. But who changed the most is the question. I think Byron changed the most because in the beginning he’s mean and thinks he’s cool, in the middle he’s getting into the process of changing a little, and at the end he becomes really nice with Kenny even though he wasn’t in the beginning. In the beginning, Byron is mean to Kenny, and thinks he’s cool. According to ‘The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963,’chapter two it says, “ I hated it when Byron walked past and said, “ Give my regards to Clark, Poindexter.” Some of the time those words were like a signal for the other kids to jump on me.” Here it shows that Byron is mean to Kenny from the way he talks…show more content…
Based on the ‘The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963’ in chapter eleven when they finally arrive to Grandma Sands house and their hugging her, it says, “A little short on hair, but we gonna get on just fine, what you think By?” “Yes, ma’am.” Byron in this section of the book is being polite to grandma and Byron is never polite with momma or daddy. Maybe because he knows he’s going to be staying with grandma a long time so he might as well just get use to being polite with her. In another section of the book By is still getting into the process of changing a little because he hears his cousin tell them about difficult stuff they’ve been through. Byron, Kenny, and Joey are talking with their cousins and Joey asks about one of her cousin’s leg. In chapter twelve it says, “What happened to your leg?” Joey asked. Her cousin said “I got hurt while marching on the March of Washington.” And then the oldest cousin was telling the whole story of how it happened and why they were participating in this march, that was very dangerous but they did it for a cause. While his cousin was telling the story Byron was thinking about what all his cousins were going through in Birmingham and how Flint is way different then Birmingham. That 's when Byron starts to think through everything he has done wrong like being mean to Kenny is one example. But it helps him with what he’s going
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