The Book Thief Essay

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The Book Thief

Chapters: (Start of) The Sound of Sirens-(End of) Handover Man Job: Passage Master
Passage 1: page 34 paragraph 1- paragraph 5 In this passage, Hans Hubermann holds out a piece of bread for a Jewish man to eat who was on the verge of being taken away by Death. The Jewish man was forced to walk in the parade with all the other Jews because their 3 trucks had “apparently broke down” which Death denies was the truth. After the Jewish man hesitated before taking the slice of bread, he knelt down to Hans thanking him. This passage shows how kind Hans can be despite the fact that this was not the cleverest move for him and his family. Hans Hubermann did this without thinking of all the consequences, but in that moment, his instinct
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It had me hanging off the edge of my seat the whole time, eager to find out what would happen next. The Sound Sirens starts off brutally. A bomb had dropped on Himmel Street and the Hubermanns were desperately running for safety. Heartbreakingly, they had no choice but to leave Max, uncertain if he would be safe or not. They eventually all gathered up, full of fear, in the basement of Fiedlers. Luckily, no harm had been done to their precious home, and Max was alive. I was relieved when I heard this news. Liesel had gone through so much, losing one of the people in her life that meant a lot to her, and maybe if she had too lost Max, she would be defeated because she would think that everyone she ever truly loved would disappear on her. Unfortunately, there was a second raid, in which Liesel, in an attempt to keep everyone quiet, began to read. Nobody paid attention at first, but then Rudy had gone quiet listening to her, and the others followed like a flock of sheep. Fortunately, there had been no damage to their home. Liesel had received an unforeseeable visit by Frau Holtzapfel herself, requesting a simple trade, for Liezel continue reading The Whistler aloud to her and in exchange, she would no longer spit on their doorstep and trade a bag of coffee. Liesel was forced to agree for the sake of Rosa, as they needed the
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