Summary Of The Book 'Train Dreams' By Denis Johnson

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James Fleming 8/25/15 Summer Reading Assignment 2015 James Fleming 8/16/15s Summer Reading Assignments Train Dreams by Denis Johnson Grainier 's story is set in a time of change, when the Industrial Revolution is just starting to take off. He is a "choker" preparing large spruce trees for to be transported down mountains in Washington State where they will be used in the building of a train bridge over the Robinson Gorge. Throughout the book, he will live in the woods in order to stay happy and secure, meanwhile threatening him and his family. Forest will be destroyed while he grows up, due to both the Industrial Revolution and forest fires that wipe out trees with ease. Grainier struggles through life with only some small victories, the most important being him obtaining a horse and wagon after his friend, Hank Pinkham, dies. Hank’s death is described in a way that is very dark and not very expected. Grainier and Hank are loading sacks of cornmeal on to the wagon. "They 'd only loaded the first two sacks, when Henry sloughed the third one from his shoulders onto the dirt floor of the barn and said, 'I am as dizzy as anything today ', sat on the pile of sacks,…show more content…
This book is not very comparable to the other books I read this summer because it is a true story. However, it is somewhat relatable to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because both stories involve murder. In In Cold Blood the murder is committed by Perry Smith and Dick Hickock while in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close the father, Thomas, of the main character is killed in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Also, the story in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close involves Oskar trying to find out who “Black” is and what the relation to them and a key found in an envelope is. This is somewhat similar to the head of the investigation of the murder in In Cold Blood, Al Dewey, because they are both looking for something and become obsessed with those things until they finally find

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