Summary Of The Book 'Wild Girls' By Pat Murphy

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The Wild Girls Introduction

Wild Girls is an early 1970’s book, written by Pat Murphy, that takes place in San Francisco, California. Joan is a 12- years old girl, nevertheless she has just moved from Connecticut. One day while she was taking a walk in the woods, she meets an eccentric, and wild girl. The eccentric girl (Sarah) wants to be called Fox, and gives Joan the name Newt. The two girls enter a writing competition with a little help from Fox’s dad, Joan’s mother, and their writing teacher, they win first place. Throughout everything in Joan’s life, she has numerous challenges. One major challenge that Joan faces is her parents’ persistent arguments. Next challenged that she took on, was moving from Connecticut to San Francisco, California. Finally, the last challenge she faced was the writing competition that she entered, everyone was trying to control how the wild girls were supposed to look, as if they were in the story, consequently, not letting them bring out their inner wildness. Joan’s numerous challenges shaped her into being the tough person she is. Body Paragraphs

One of the most strenuous challenges that Joan faced, was going through her parents’
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This challenge was difficult, because Joan had spent a lot of time working, and putting indefatigable effort into her writing. The teacher kept explaining to them what she would’ve of done. Joan’s mom explaining what everybody should wear. The company trying to take the piece of writing, and honor it. All these actions made Joan feel like she didn’t even own it anymore, which cause her to show what the wild girls actually look like. This was a little challenge, that affected her
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