Summary Of The Botany Of Desire

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The Botany of Desire is a non-fiction book written by Michael Pollan. The publication date was in the year of 2007 and is a 245 paged book. The Botany of Desire is a book that talks about four different plants. In my opinion, this book was very worth reading. They manipulate human senses such as sweetness, beauty, intoxication, and control. It talks about humans vast cultivating these plants for their own use. They have gained many benefits by being in this relationship. There are also some negatives though, the plants are losing biodiversity. Each species have to be ever changing to survive some of the harsh conditions that nature throws its way. Humans have been making exact replicas of them. So if something happens to them, they will go extinct.…show more content…
The apple evoked sweetness, which is a pretty addicting sense that many crave. Although a more popular use is to make cider. Anyway, it is told through the story of Johnny Appleseed. He was the one who introduced apples to a multitudinous amount of the U.S. citizens. It was told that he would sit on the raft and float along the river with a bunch of apple seeds. It was him that linked wilderness and civilization together. Besides sweetness, the apple has many symbols that it represents. It represents home. It takes a while until the apple seed can grow into a tree and bear fruit. So the owners have to live on the grounds for a long time. It also represented the American Dream. Every apple had an equal chance of growing and it can grow anywhere. Now sugary snacks are replacing the sweetness that people once enjoyed from apples. The apples are less fit because they lack genetic
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