Summary Of The Case Of James Anagnos

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Name of the Case - James Anagnos 1977 Cold Case murder Victim- James Anagnos Suspects- Frank Wright How the hair of fiber made a connection for the case (what the analysis told them) In the October of 1977, James Anagnos was brutally murdered in his own bar. He was repeatedly stabbed 20 times with at steak knife and suffered 4 hits to the head. When examining the body hair was found in Anagnos hand and was believed to be from the murder. It was only when Wright was founded as a suspect ( he was seen arguing with Anagnos before his death) that they were finally able to match the DNA. Name of the case - The Murder of Leanne Tiernan Victim- Leanne Tiernan Suspect-John Taylor How the hair of fibers made a connection for the case. Detectives

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