The Chorus In Sophocles Electra

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Sophocles’ Electra is a well-known Greek tragedy, set place at Mycenae after the Trojan wars. In the tragedy Electra plays one of the most important roles among the Chorus. The Chorus often sympathises with Electra and also helps the reader (or the audience considering it was written as a play) to understand the events better. The Chorus shares emotions with Electra, such as her grief and frustration, or her joy upon the return of Osteres. In my essay I will discuss the importance of the Chorus and how to the presence of the Chorus guides the audience. I will also discuss how does the Chorus represents the Athenian audience.
The role of the Chorus is like the role of a narrator. It gives detail and insight into the events and help to guide the audience. However, as Electra being a
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The Chorus is not just a voice of women but also an alliance of Electra. They help and support Electra through ups and downs. Electra seems extremely lonely and isolated, no one shows her love or cares for her. The Chorus is there as a moral support, an alliance and a friend she can share her concerns and feelings with. Electra only has the Chorus when she learns the untrue news of Orestes’ death. The Chorus shares her grief and upsetness. “Where are the thunderbolts of Zeus? Where is the bright revealing sun, if they see these things and shroud them in complicity?” (Sophocles, Electra, 789-795). However, when Electra persuades Chrysothemis with her plan the Chorus tries to convince Electra not to live her life like this. “Mankind can have no better quality, than foresight and a prudent mind” (Sophocles, Electra, 987-989). The Chorus plays a very important role in Electra. The Chorus they not only help the audience to understand the events and the characters better, they also offer advice and guidance for the characters, such as mentioned above, they are trying to convince Electra not to go with her plan of killing. The Chorus also help to have a sane and
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