Summary Of The Chrysanthemums

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A Woman Trapped in Her Mind

Even though some women think... that they do not have the power to follow their dreams of independence, women do. Some women have the desire to be independent, due to lack courage they assume the do not have the capability to gain independence, therefore causing some women to become restricted in their own mind. Women can live a life they please whether married or alone. It is very common to see single mother become independent out of necessity. Single mothers are forced to be the head of the household, she must be a provider and nurturer, both traditional feminine and masculine roles are being played out. Some women feel that because they are married, they do not have the right to be free and hold their own thought. Hilary Clinton is married, and she ran for the presidency in 2018. Woman can find independence financially and emotionally while in a marriage. Women have the same rights as men do, it is a matter of gumption to fulfill the lifestyle that a woman would like to live. In the short story of The Chrysanthemums the author describes the main character Elisa with a lack of courage in looking at herself then some more than the traditional housewife. She dreams of traveling like the peddler man, he drove his wagon from Seattle to Los Angeles. When Elisa heard of the people he met in his travels she got very excited, she even offered to give him a pot with a Chrysanthemum for the lady down the road. Elisa could have
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