Summary Of The Daughter Of Pio And Engracia

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I. Mill of the Gods II. Estrella Alfon III. Espeleta St. IV. Main Characters Martha is the daughter of Pio and Engracia. She is also the protagonist of the story. Pio is the husband of Engracia and father of Martha. He had an affair with another married woman. He also somehow serves as the Antagonist in the story. Engracia is the mother of Martha and the wife of Pio. She also somewhat serves as the foil of the story. V. Summary Martha, the daughter of Pio and Engracia, was twelve years old and was extremely shy and lagged behind others of her age, either on physical or mental aspects. One night, she heard her parents arguing and struggling in terrible wrath to each other and saw that they are struggling for the knife where her father had ordered her to take the knife away from her mother’s hand and so she followed and tossed it out the window. Engracia continuously spat and slapped Pio as soon as she was released from his grasp then clutched Martha and told her words that were foreign and strange, words that were only half-understood but Martha was crying. When Martha was eighteen, she fully understood the night that had been a blur to her when she was still twelve. She fell in love with a guy not older than herself, and her seriousness and innocence with love hindered things such as fun or flings and she asked him about their marriage and he just laughed at her. After her heartbreak, Martha had inflamed the hatred she kept against her father for
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