Summary Of The Death Of A Moth By Virginia Wolff

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“The Death of a Moth,” by Virginia Wolff, is a short story that focuses on connecting to feelings that people and other creatures feel right before the inevitable that is death. Death is something that comes to all creatures that were once alive, and in this story a moth suffered a similar fate. The emotional connection that the narrator had with the moth is what made the story have a lot of depth and made the reader experiences what it really feels like right before something or someone dies. Virginia really did a great job of connecting the moths presets in the narrator's life to people's right before a person of importance has once passed away. Everything seems to come in one full circle. This is explained within the short story. The moth is the one representing the real price of life, which is of course death. The struggle is evident throughout the entire piece. In the beginning of the short story it is pretty clear that human emotions are connected to the moth. It is to be known that the moth had the emotions of a…show more content…
It was a cold unforgiving force that was witnessed by the narrator of the story. The narrator was upset by this, they couldn’t seem to look away from the tragic scene. It is something that most get to see at least a dozen times in their life which is the struggle that one had when they are trying to hold onto life for just a bit more. The narrator thought that the moths attempts to keep on living were beautifully pathetic. It was something about the thrill of watching something grasp onto what might be that seemed to thrill the narrator. Everything will go through this, people just perceive things in a more complex way than most creatures, so it is especially hard for people to deal with the loss of
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