Summary Of The Declaration Of Independence

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Katherine Rivera
US History
October, 2017
"Analysis of the Declaration of Independence"
The declaration of independence its a document that announced that the thirteen colonies were at war with great Britain, which in it discusses all their concerns that people had towards the ideals of king George. They wrote it so that all the countries could know what the government was doing to the their own people and in that way gain independence, and be one only nation separate from England. Rights can 't be taken away or denied, according to the americans the rights that they had been taken away were freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness. “A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to separation”(Declaration of independence, Thomas Jefferson). In this excerpt from the declaration of independence, it introduce how the British government didn 't listen to any of the americans demands and thats why they wanted to become one. Demands so simples as the stamp act that imposed that all americans had to paid taxes in every piece of paper they used, was a shock for them because after years of being free, to one day to another, England without any resources of money, they remember that they had the control of the colonies to get money from, and that 's where they started to tax them to paid the debt of wars they have been in to. Therefore people felt like the British weren 't treating them as humans beings, because
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