Summary Of The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

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The Diary of a Young Girl is a series of journal entries written by a Jewish girl named Anne Frank. She’s Jewish and she’s a young girl living in Holland during the Second World War. The Diary is a compilation of entries that speak about her life during that time. It speaks about the tough times she had to face just because she was Jewish. The diary speaks about her as a human being, as a teenager and also as a Jew. She speaks about so many problems she’s facing as an individual and as a whole with other Jews. The diary gives us an insight about her world and about her troubles. It speaks in volumes about her maturity and how thoughtful and conscious she was about what was happening in her country. At the beginning of the diary, she’s so naïve and carefree, you can notice this is by the way and things she writes. When she wrote about her new secret hiding place and the foreignness of it her writing changed. She wrote with a new intensity. The diary was her way of letting herself be herself. She began writing more and more, sharing her innermost feelings. Besides that, she wrote her desires and dreams. Also about the horrors, terrors and the inhumanness suffering (of what we now call) the Holocaust. I learned many things from her diary. The Holocaust is one of my favorite subjects so of course I knew some things. But this diary gave me an inside scoop of what real terror was like. The Jews could not leave their house most of the time because it was too dangerous. They had to
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