Summary Of The English Short Story 'Rose'

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English Short Story Essay In American and Canadian community, the immigrant’s issue of Chinese is a negligible part of people’s life. The story “Rose” tells a story about a different immigrant’ family which came from China. This story appeals the different relationship between parents and children in an immigrated family and makes readers think about another possibility of a harmony family relationship. Rose is a story about life and family affection. The main characters of this story are a couple of friends, Qing and Rose. Rose’s daughter doesn’t want to call her “mother “because she worked as a housekeeper in New York for three years. In addition, in order to move her husband and daughter to Canada, she left her daughter for many years and worked in North America alone as a housekeeper. So, the relationship between Rose and her family was bad. Rose envied Qing because though she is a single mother, her daughter still loves Qing. In many years, Rose suffered from the pain of family. After several years, Qing met Rose again, but Rose looked very successful and very happy. The reason was that Rose left her family and started her new life. In the end, she succeeded in business and lived in the way she likes. The tone of this story is affectionate and emotional, and the author uses this emotion to express the different love between mother and daughter. In the story, the author describes large amount of dialogues between Rose and Qing. For example: “The two women

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