Summary Of The Father Figure In The Poetry Of Mamta Kalia

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The modern women poetry reveals the frustrations and tensions which women face because of the difference between the way they want to behave and the way they are made to behave. The well-established patriarchal structure still continues to control and restrict the lives of women in one way or the other. It still considers that women are someone‘s daughters, wives or mothers, minus their own personality. The present paper focuses on the description of 'Father Figure ' in the poetry of Mamta Kalia and Kamala Das. As Confessional poets Mamta Kalia and Kamala Das have described father figure in their various poems. Their attempt to self discovery leads to interrogate that they have not been only born as a woman but they have their own identity and their own dreams to fulfill..

KEYWORDS: Father Figure, poetry, Mamta Kalia, KamalaDas.

The woman character in poems of Mamta Kalia and Kamala Das plays various roles- rebel daughter, the unfulfilled wife, mistress to lusty men, silent long-suffering women etc. Their main concern is the sorrow of women .Their poetry become confessional and a form of protest against a male-dominated society.
Mamta Kalia’s “Tribute to Papa”, is according to Eunice De Souza, one of the most compelling poems. She figures out an opposition not only to men’s dominance over women but women’s acceptance of men’s dominance Mamta Kalia’s personal rejection of the non-materialist father however ironic in its tone is a ‘tribute’ to the contemporary

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