Summary Of The Feminine Mystique

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Throughout history, society has shaped the lives of individuals by assigning individuals a specific way to be a part of society while deviation is most likely viewed as unacceptable and will likely be censured. Betty Friedan in chapter 1 of her novel “The Feminine Mystique” describes society’s assigned role for females and how women sacrificed their desires to fulfil the role assigned by society. E.J Graff in his essay “The M/F Boxes” describes how transgender and intersex individuals suffered humiliation and alienation because they did not meet society’s expectation of what a man or a woman is. Stephen Hinshaw in an excerpt from “What is the Triple Bind?” brings to attention the contemporary issue females are facing as they are expected to…show more content…
Hinshaw uses America’s Next Top Model as an example of females conforming to society’s image of femininity by perfecting their bodies to the standards set by society and sacrificing individual identity. Hinshaw writes “girls agonize over their decisions: they see their hair, their gap toothed smile, as aspects of who they are, their own sort of signature.” In his example, Hinshaw reveals the female contestants sacrificing their individuality to become what society determines to be feminine, in hopes of becoming a top model. In comparison to Hinshaw, Graff uses examples of people who have been harmed by society because these people were found to be transgendered or intersex individuals. When describing one particular example, Graff writes “In August 1995 Tyra Hunter’s car crashed in Washington, DC. When firefighting paramedics cut away her dress and found male genitals, they laughed and mocked her. She bled to death in the hospital.” Graff uses this example along with others to show society’s unjust treatment towards these individuals because they do not conform to society’s standards of a man and woman. In addition, Graff’s examples reveals why some transgendered and intersex individuals choose to conform to society by oppressing their mentality and hiding their true sexual identity. Hinshaw and Graff’s example established the two choices that individuals have when going against society’s norm: sacrifice a part of life or self and conform to society or be harmed by
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