Summary Of The Film Lalee's Kin

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In the film Lalee’s Kin, the school superintendent Reggie Barnes, described Tallahatchie county schools as being the worse of worse because they were a level 1 school according to the ITBS. As he pointed out, the system was built to fail these children. He partly blamed the state for not taking responsibility to provide him with the funds needed to hire more qualified teachers and purchase school supplies need to teach their students. He advocated for adequate and identical educational opportunities for students within his school district as the rest of Delta school district had. The state threatened to take over the schools if there was no improvement. He believed in his heart that the issue could only be resolved at local level. As he adequately put it; the students that the interacted with were unique with many challenges to overcome. Furthermore, he did not trust that the state will have a positive impact on the student if they had taken over. I believe that several factors played a role in that school unsatisfactory performance as a unit. Early on, the people in that community were deprived of their right to be educated. As a plantation state producing cotton, Black children force to stay out of school during the months of September, October, and November. As the film states, by keeping them illiterate; they could be controlled. The impact of illiteracy negatively affected the families and their communities. Even in the years of 2001, children suffered from poverty.

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