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The GMO Deception A GMO is a genetically modified organism. A deception is the action of deceiving someone. This combined makes the book The GMO Deception. This book is written by more than forty different authors, scientifical activists against and for the uses of GMOs, biotech nets, and agricultural activists,etc. The use of this magnitude of authors made this book a lot more interesting to read because of all of the clashing ideas and ideas that built upon other ideas about GMOs. The GMO Deception was Edited by Sheldon Krimsky who is a Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University, and adjunct professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Tufts University School of Medicine. It was…show more content…
John is the founder of the Global ID group. The Global ID group is a company founded by John Fagen. GIDG is a company that with Johns help now pioneers in the development of innovative tools to verify food purity,quality, and sustainability. He has a very strong opinion on people saying that GMOs are “the future” of agriculture. He says “The biggest myth of the all is that GMOs have swept the world and dominate agriculture as it is practiced today. The corollary of this myth is that if your country don 't accept GMOs it will be left behind.” This quote says over and over again the word myth. This quote shows me that he doesn 't believe that GMOs are “the future”. That is exactly what John does in the next paragraph. “On the surface these statistics sound impressive”.... “Despite gargantuan marketing and lobbying efforts costing billions of dollars”.... “GMOs have failed to penetrate the world agricultural market significantly.” He is saying that GMOs aren 't what they are being said to be. He is saying that we are being lied to. John utters that all GMOs are is a marketing schemes done by companies to drive in truck loads of money to these…show more content…
Bill Freese is a science policy analyst at the center for food safety. He contributed a chapter in The GMO Deception. Bill kind of supports John 's argument that GMOs being “ The future” is just a skyme from big corporations to make them more money. Bill says “Hype notwithstanding, their is not a single GM crop on the market engineered for increased yield, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, enhanced nutrition or other attractive sounding traits. Disease resistant GM crops are practically non existent” This teaches me that if scientists really have the power to make these GMOs then why not make them have more nutrients in them? Why don 't scientist make a crop that has a bunch of concentrated nutrients and send them to Africa where more than thirty percent of the population is starving. Why not use that a little bit of the billions of dollars that the companies make and send them to those that

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