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The Girl Who Drank the Moon Critic’s Review The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a fantastic, fairytale novel. Kelly Barnhill’s outstanding, award winning novel takes her readers on a journey to a whole new world of fantasy, immersing the reader into a world living with magic. The main character, Luna, is one you want to cheer for. She is a likable character with some quirks and enjoys being with her adopted family. Luna is smart, loves to study stars, and loves to learn poetry from her swamp monster, Glurk. One of my favorite moments was when the Luna and her adopted grandmother, a witch named Xan, revealed to Antain that Xan is a kind witch that wouldn’t hurt a soul. This moment was very pleasing as the villagers left babies in the…show more content…
After the child drinks the milk she feeds the child from the stars. The stars are enough to fill the newborn until the arrive at the village. On this particular night, Xan is mesmerized by the baby and tired from the day. Xan reaches to the stars but inadvertently touches the moon and feeds the little one from the moon. This is a mistake on Xan’s part. The moon is powerful and filled with magic. Xan soon realized the crucial mistake she had made by letting the child drink the moon and knew there was only one way this baby could be raised, if she was raised by Xan herself. Xan decided to keep the newborn as her granddaughter gave her the name Luna (Moon). Xan lived with a old swamp monster named Glurk who was as old as the world itself and would recite poems and a tiny dragon named Fyrian who was always feisty and curious. When Xan came back home from her trek Glurk immediately was unsure about the raising of the emagickated baby who could be to strong for her own good. As Luna grew older she started to play and trick with Fyrian and bond more with Glurk. Luna was at first not emitting any magic making Xan think that Luna may be able to control her magic. When Luna turned five her magic was stronger than Xans constantly changing the chickens and goats into toys and leaving flowers everywhere she walked. This drained Xan of much of her magic, constantly having to keep up with Luna's magic. The last straw was when Luna turned Glurk into a rabbit just by thinking it. This was when Xan knew she had to put a spell to keep Luna’s magic from coming

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