Summary Of The Guide By Krishnaraja Sagar

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Abstract : The essence of literature is to enable one to think and draw parallels between the text in concern and the day and age one lives in. This paper aims at achieving the afore-mentioned end, by examining the plethora of themes present in the novel. It also throws light on the characters who serve as mouthpieces for all that Narayan aims to convey through the text. Set against the backdrop of a fictional Indian town, the novel is a vivid description of all that the Indian society stands for. Key Words : Indian society, Archetypes, Tradition, Religion, Gender discrimination. The Guide (1958) by R.K. is centered around India - its landscape, culture, traditions and conventions, together with the gradual shift in the ethos owing itself to modernity. While also considering these aspects, it is essential to club together with them, the facet of evils present in the society. This paper attempts to examine the novel as a manifestation of Indian society, through the characters and themes. The novel is based on a real incident that took place in Mysore, a few years before the novel was written. Krishnaraja Sagar, an enormous reservoir, had dried up on account of a severe drought. As a last resort, the municipal council held a mass prayer for rain. A group of

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