The Relationship Between The Hero's Journey And The Foundational Myth

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Maria Jose Velasquez

Part 1
The hero 's journey
Part 2
The foundational myths
Part 3
The relationship between the hero 's journey and the foundational myths
Part 4
Part 5
The relationship between GSDG and the foundational myths

The hero 's journey
The hero 's journey is a template created and popularized by Joseph Campbell. This template shows the common pattern of a story in general more specifically the pattern the main hero follows. It starts with the hero he/she lives in the ordinary world but goes to an adventure in the unknown world (the supernatural) by a calling, here he/she faces many challenges and gets to a point where everything is almost lost the hero can even die but then the
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Some years later she commits suicide but as time passes her city become the great and successful city of Carthage.

Romulus and remus

This myth is about two twins, the nieces of a tyrant king that took the throne of his brother and killed his children so no one would take his throne expect for his daughter that gives birth to the twins the children are put on a basket i the river to die but a wolf finds them and gives them milk then a shepherd finds them and decides to raise them. Years pass and when Remus is kidnapped to be taken the king and Romulus decides to defeat and dethrone the king at the end they emerge victorious and like this Rome is born but time later the brothers have a conflict caused by the decision of who will be the king and because of it Remus
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