Summary Of The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros

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Women have had fewer rights than men for a long time. They get paid significantly less and are often seen as objects to claim or do house chores. Sandra Cisneros has written a story that takes the reader through a neighborhood of women who are beat-down. But, through the characterization of Esperanza and Sally in “The House on Mango Street”, Cisneros has portrayed the importance of being an autonomous individual and not falling into gender roles. Esperanza illustrates the importance of independence because of her unique characteristics. She is saddened by her fellow females in society and feels harassed as a female herself. Later in the story, Esperanza realizes the advantages she has as she breaks of gender roles to become a brave, independent house owner. Esperanza dislikes the depressing situation that the females in her neighborhood are buried in. For example, Cisnero writes about. “Rafaela [who] leans out the window and leans on her elbow and dreams her hair is like Rapunzel’s… Rafaela [who] wishes she could go [to the bar] before she gets too old” (79). Rafaela is trapped by her husband and wishes she could be free. All of the women influences that Esperanza knows are suppressed females that take on the role that society gives them. This leaves the women at a serious disadvantage to the men, which stresses how awful it is to live without independence. Esperanza, herself, feels tormented as an objectified female as well. “What he did. Where he touched me. I didn’t want it… He wouldn’t let me go” (Cisneros 99-100). Cisneros explains that…show more content…
Esperanza starts off shy and powerless but realizes her mistake and becomes independent and successful. Sally, on the other hand, lives an entirely abusive lifestyle and never seems to become free. Thus justifying that women should have equal roles and opportunity in society as men
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