Summary Of The Human Spirit In Hiroshima's Hiroshima

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For my literary essay topic I am writing upon is ‘some critics believe this novel illustrates the strength of the human spirit, cite two instances from the story to support this idea and examine their action in light of this claim’. Human spirit is considered a component of humanity that only human beings are capable and entitled of feeling. It is a mental feeling of awareness and understanding. It differs from psyche components such as emotion, personality and memories that are comprised of ones self. Human spirit in relation to this novel is going through the actions and events that the characters within the novel ‘Hiroshima’ had undergone and experienced. Hiroshima suffered a huge loss to the affects of the Americans releasing the atomic bomb onto the city killing thousands of people from the explosion and acute affects that were carried on killing another few thousand of Japanese citizens. In the novel there consist of two particular people who were deprived of one self and showed a strong compassion of human spirit within them as they underwent the challenges of loss, hardship and despair from the great catastrophe that arrived. The first individual in the story of ‘Hiroshima’ was named Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto he was involved in organizing an air raid defense to show and prove his worth and loyalty and patriotism towards his country and was dedicated to helping his people. When the striking of the nuclear bomb that attacked Hiroshima Mr.

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