The Idealized Image Scene Analysis

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In the given passage of “Our Inner Conflicts” chapter6 “The Idealized Image”, it shows a person who has neurotic tendency of photoshopping his image that “the compulsive nature of the drives had been obscured and was replaced by a belief in innate qualities and gifts (Our Inner Conflicts p. 105)”. Prince Sooyang (Sooyang-Daegoon / 수양대군) who is main character of Korean fictional plot named “The Face Reader”, becomes king Sae-joe with a conspiracy and kills his nephew King Dan-jong. He has a cruel personality that he always doubts his surrounding people and eliminates who does not want to follow him. His neurotic obsession of “The Idealized Image” is best described in 3 scenes of the plot. The 1st scene that we can find Prince Sooyang’s neurotic obsession of “The Idealized Image” is “At his birthday party, he asks to face readers whether he has a destiny of become a king”. He wants to test his surrounding people whether they are willing to follow him or not. Most of people answered Prince Sooyang already looks like a king or his face…show more content…
He showed the aspects of “he is dependent upon endless affirmation from others in the form of approval, flattery…the more desperately he clings to the belief that he is his idealized image, the more violent the hatred” (Our Inner Conflicts p. 110~p. 111). Also he showed his tendency of “He must in his own mind feel superior in some way – regardless of any particular drive to excel” (Our Inner Conflicts p. 101). Some of the actual strengths and accomplishments that Sooyang had was not able to achieved. By eliminating his surrounding people that opposes to him, he was written as a cruel king of Chosun dynasty. However, it was the only way for him to pursue his neurotic obsession toward his idealized image that can be achieved from comparison and endless
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