Summary Of 'The Invisible Thread' By Yoshiko Uchida

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During the era of World War II. Lieutenant General John L. Dewit was the Western Defence ordered all the Japanese American to leave their homes and to live in the caps that the U.S build. In the memoir” The Invisible Thread” by Yoshiko Uchida uses Descriptive Language to Illustrate her childhood of living in the American Camps. To Began, In the beginning Yoshiko Uchida uses descriptive language in the beginning of her story when she talks to her brother Kay. In this quote we see that they are arguing about what to do.” We can not argue with the U.S. Army”.We can see that Kay was pointing the fact that they cannot do anything because of what the U.S Army. Another Infer we can do is that her family doesn't know what to do. To Continue, Another

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